Residential Spotlight: Bonnie Lemert

As the most experienced residential solar installation team in Nevada, Bombard Renewable Energy is focused on providing property owners with energy savings. With over 35 years of experience, we’re proud to offer the most reliable and affordable solar products available.

Wondering what the solar panel installation process is like for homeowners? We (BRE) recently talked to Bonnie Lemert (BL), one of our residential clients, about what her solar home experience has been like. Read on to see what she had to say. 

BRE: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you were interested in solar energy?

BL: I’ve been called (nicely, I hope!) the “you can recycle that” lady, as in “Hey, please don’t throw that away, it can be recycled.”  Years ago it dawned on me – ok, so I was a bit slow on this – how much waste we generate with our daily living and buying habits. So, I’ve tried to incorporate earth-friendly decisions when feasible. Some of this stemmed from seeing all of the importations from China while working at the LA/Long Beach Seaport with US Customs & Border Protection. We worked with USDA, FDA, CPSC and other agencies where one cannot help but become curious – what’s really in that imported food, medicine, jewelry, toy, decorative article, etc.? Most people want affordable and sometimes even cheap, but cheap comes at a high price, especially if imported from places with substandard requirements and little regard for the environment.

BRE: Can you tell us a little bit about why you made your home a solar home?

BL: I was interested but not very knowledgeable about solar when I moved here in 2011.  I attended a presentation at Springs Preserve where Bombard provided information, and then I visited homes on the Solar Home Tour to speak with current rooftop solar owners. I decided on solar for both the financial and ecological impact. I moved around a lot (this is house #8) in the past 40 years; I’m hoping it is the last one and felt the investment worthwhile. Southern Nevada is an ideal location for rooftop solar and I’m glad the industry is coming back after the changes over the past 6 years.  

BRE: What was your solar panel installation process like?

BL: Excellent! I obtained bids from other companies but was really disappointed that they did not seem to have in-depth knowledge about the systems, only about slick brochures. Not saying all other companies are like that, but it was a huge difference when I dealt with Bombard.  The one-stop-shop process was seamless. They didn’t just sell. They did the design and installation – with their OWN crew! That was impressive. They treated it as my home and not just a job site.  I really appreciated the consideration.

BRE: What has surprised you the most about renewable energy since making switch?

BL: I’m glad to see the industry moving forward and the efficiency of panels improving. Coupled with other energy saving items (LED bulbs becoming mainstream for example), it is a winning combination. I’m more encouraged than surprised by the large-scale use of solar and message it sends to businesses and individuals. 

BRE: What advice do you have for homeowners who are on the fence about using solar?

BL: Funny you ask! I was asked so many times about my decision that I made up a list of Q&A’s I can provide. Mainly it boils down to this: Learn about it BEFORE you commit to it. Go to some meetings. Attend some presentations. Go on the solar home tour and/or at least talk with people who already have systems so you can learn from their good/bad experiences. The number of solar companies out there can be overwhelming. Some are pushing the number of panels they offer (which is meaningless without all factors) or pitching the idea that they include all maintenance – but there’s not much of any maintenance. This can be really confusing, so don’t rush into it.

BRE: How has your experience with Bombard residential solar energy been?

BL:  I highly recommend them. They know electricity- and I mean even the sales reps know about electricity. That sounds basic, but it is not always the case with some of the other companies.  I like the honesty and consistency in their work. Their follow up is amazing. The monitoring system is reliable and Bombard stays on top of that. After about 3 years I was curious about NV Energy’s calculations vs. my output, and Bombard walked me through the calculation, which was no small feat! Overall, I am impressed with the company.

At Bombard Renewable Energy, we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing clients. It’s people like Bonnie that help us stay motivated to keep encouraging others – like you – to consider investing in renewable energy.

Want to know how much you can save by going solar with Bombard Renewable Energy on your own home? Get in touch with us for a free quote today! We look forward to talking to you.


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