Red Rock Fire Station

Bombard Government Projects

Bombard Renewable Energy completed this installation of a 64.8 kW off‐grid solar PV system for the BLM in the Spring of 2012. The system, which completely powers the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Fire Station, uses 270 Sharp 240 watt solar modules and five 8000 watt Outback inverters.

Because the fire station does not have grid power, the entire PV system uses a 25,000 amp hour battery bank containing 240 batteries. The fire station also has a 50 kW diesel generator for emergencies. Prior to the installation of the solar PV system, the fire station was powered completely by a diesel generator. When it was completed in April of 2012, the Red Rock Fire Station solar PV system was the largest off-grid solar PV system in Nevada.

The 64.8 kW fire station solar PV system is mounted on four solar support structures used for covered parking. An 8.64 kW pole mounted solar PV system was also installed to power the adjacent campground facilities.

Project Case Study