Adara Power Residential Solar with Storage

Bombard Residential Project

Installed: 2016

The Adara Power system provides energy peak shifting, load shaving, back-up and stand-alone capacity with the capability to be networked together. This strategy provides great value of the solar PV system considering the lower excess credit established with the new Net Energy Metering (NEM) regulations by the Public Utility Commission of Nevada.


The new Adara Power 8.6 kWh Energy Storage System – the first Advanced Residential Energy Storage System for every renewable energy installation! While recent reductions in net metering rates may appear to be a hindrance to solar adoption, innovative energy storage technology now available in Nevada will enable residential customers to retain their self-generated, renewable energy and reduce their overall dependence on the utility.

Smooth Energy Storage – Store energy during early morning and low usage days and feed it back into your building when it is needed to improve power quality and reduce the intermittent load on the grid.
On Demand Solar Power – The grid goes down if you want to be self-sufficient. The Adara Energy Storage System charges and discharges day after day from your renewable source to power critical loads during extended outages
Economic Energy Savings – Charge during non-peak hours, and take advantage of time with use rates by consuming your own energy first. Customers can reduce demand charges, which are based on the highest 15-minute period of the month and typically account for 25-35% of a building’s energy bill.

This off-grid system consists of (44) Sharp NU-235F3 Modules, (2) SMA 7000US Inverter, (4) Sunny Island SI5048, (1) Sunny Web Box and (96) VRS 12-175F Batteries.