Job Creation: Another Benefit of Renewable Energy

From saving money on your monthly energy bill to reducing your carbon footprint, there’s no doubt that clean energy is a win for both you and the environment. However, a lesser-known effect of renewable energy is its impact in the job market. While fossil fuels are heavily reliant on expensive mechanical capabilities, renewable energy is much more labor intensive, meaning more workers are a necessity to get the job done.

As of 2016, over 260,000 workers were employed by the solar industry. This is a 24.5% increase since 2015, which means that the solar industry has a growth rate that’s 17x faster than the entire US economy as a whole. The majority of these workers are in the installation business, followed by manufacturing, project development, sales, and research and development.

The Union of Concerned Scientists researched what the world would look like if 25% of our energy came from renewable resources by 2025, and their predictions are awe-inspiring. They estimate that 297,000 new jobs would come from renewable energy development, and consumer savings would total $64.3 billion in reduced electricity and natural gas bills. The economy would also feel the impact with $263.4 billion in new capital investment and $11.5 billion in new local tax revenues.

Can you be a part of the dream of 25% by 2025? Both the environment and the job market will thank you! Get started by contacting us to learn more about renewable energy solutions for your home or business.

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