Creating Clean Air for a Healthy Environment

Did you know? December 17th is Clean Air Day, which is a day celebrated in recognition of the Clean Air Act passed on December 17, 1963. This was one of the first environmental laws passed in the United States, paving the way for future environmental safety laws. This act remains as one of the most powerful exhaustive air quality laws in the world.

Read on to learn more about this act and see why we’re so happy it came to pass.

What is the Clean Air Act?

Industrialization in the United States was peaking in the 1800s, bringing significant air degradation in the form of deforestation and chemical pollution. With no regulations set in place to monitor air quality, workers during this time suffered from respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and asthma.

In an attempt to mend these issue, legislation developed federal and state regulations to limit emissions from both industrial and mobile sources. In addition, this act dealt with toxic air pollutants. The Clean Air Act extended the number of regulated materials, set safety standards for factories, and required the best pollution control equipment to be installed.

Has the Clean Air Act Helped?

Today, the air quality in the United States is ranked in the top 20% globally and continues to improve year by year. Since the first act was passed in 1963, regulations and quality standards have been improved upon and increasingly enforced. As an expansion of the Clean Air Act, the first Earth Day was held in 1970. 

Build Your Future on Clean Air

If you want to continue the legacy of creating clean air, starting with small, simple initiatives to go green is a great start. However, if you’re ready to go all in by conserving energy, we’re ready to help. As a resident in Las Vegas or other areas in Nevada, you can build your future of having a clean earth by demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and becoming a solar home. Get in touch with us to get started making a difference today!

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