It’s Earth Day! At Bombard Renewable Energy, this is a holiday that’s near and dear to our hearts. Our projects aim to shift residential and commercial properties to rely on renewable resources, creating a more sustainable lifestyle. Each home that chooses to go green creates momentum toward a healthier planet.

Here’s a few tips to keep it green this Earth Day (and every day!) from your home to the office:

  • The theme of this year’s Earth Day is to End Plastic Pollution. Be sure to pack a reusable water bottle and coffee mug to reduce your use of disposable plastics.
  • Ride your bike to work, or carpool with a co-worker.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator – it’s healthier for you and the planet!
  • If you’re printing at the office, make sure your settings are set to print double-sided.
  • Turn down your Air Conditioning 2 degrees.
  • Opt to hang-dry your clothes rather than using the dryer.
  • Reduce your shower time.
  • Ditch paper towels for the day and use cloth towels instead.

Going Green on Earth Day is a step in the right direction, but if you’re looking to make a long-term shift toward an eco-friendly lifestyle let’s get in touch! Let us help you understand how solar panels can help you achieve clean energy on a daily basis.

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