Looking Back on Clean Air Month

Breathing elevated levels of ozone pollution can lead to a variety of health issues from asthma attacks to heart problems.  While strides have been made since the implementation of the Clean Air Act in 1963, it’s evident that this warrants our attention.

In honor of Clean Air Month last month, we wanted to share a couple facts about air pollution – with a side of good news to assure us all that the future is bright. 

Fact #1: Ozone Pollution can harm everyone, but children are the most at risk.

Children’s lungs are still developing and they’re spending more time outdoors than adults are.  The good news: the US Environmental Protection Agency cracked down on ozone pollution in 2015 to better protect our health. If these ozone limits are met by 2025, the EPA is predicting that 230,000 less asthma attacks, and 160,000 fewer missed days of school will occur per year.

Fact #2: 4 out of every 10 Americans live in a city with unhealthy levels of air pollution.

Los Angeles stayed at the top of the list as the city with the worst ozone pollution. The good news: 20 of the 25 most polluted cities experienced fewer days when particle pollution levels spiked, which means we’re moving in the right direction.

Fact #3: Solar energy does not create pollution.
While photovoltaic (PV) power plants do have a carbon footprint, it’s small. In fact, the payback time for solar panels vs. the amount of energy required to produce them ranges from 1 – 3.5 years (depending on the type of panel and your latitude). Knowing that solar panels are pollution-free after installation combined with the fact that their lifespan is upwards of 25 years, the small carbon cost on the front-end is well worth the payoff in the long run.

Each person can make an impact in the fight for clean air. Join with us to take small steps to improve the quality of the air we breathe, such as reducing your use of electricity or biking to work. Ready to take a bigger step? Start positively impacting the environment with your own solar power system. Get a quote today.

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