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Red Rock Fire Station
Red Rock Fire Station
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Both BAI and the USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) were exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the project and the relationship developed between all parties on this project. I would highly recommend Bombard to other owners and generals contractors.”

Richard Cross
Construction Program Manager
Barajas & Associates, Inc




Bombard Renewable Energy has the strength and resources to handle any size project. From the initial planning stages, proposals, costs analysis, installation to completion, customer service and communication are instrumental in managing our customers’ expectations. Discover our list of services

  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Grid-tied Installation
  • Off Grid Installation
  • Wind
  • Energy Storage
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The driving force behind Bombard’s success is giving the customer installation options to meet the electrical power demands of the project. Our designers and installers have the experience and expertise to meet the challenge. Installation options include:

  • Custom Parking Structures
  • Ballasted Roof Mount
  • Mechanically Attached Roof Mount
  • Single Axis Tracking
  • Fixed Ground Mount
  • Pole Mounted Fixed/Tracking
  • Grid and Off-Grid Installation
  • Solar Tree/Custom Mount

Why Solar

Why rent when you can buy?

We all know it makes more financial sense to buy your home rather than rent it, and the same is true for buying your electricity. Instead of waiting for the next electricity rate hike, invest in a solar PV system and lock in your rate. Call Bombard Renewable Energy for a proposal to show your individual return on investment today!

Solar PV systems have never been more affordable.

The price of solar panels has dropped dramatically and you can still take advantage of significant federal incentives, bringing down the price of a solar PV system. Most solar projects have a return on your investment in five to ten years while your panels typically last for 30 years or more. This gives you peace of mind on your investment.

If the environment is a priority for you, solar photovoltaic systems are as green as it gets!

Every drop of energy generated by your solar PV system replaces energy that might otherwise come from burning fossil fuels. When there is a solar spill it’s called a sunny day!

Solar PV systems help the U.S. economy.

Solar PV systems provide great careers for thousands of American workers. More Americans today work in the solar industry than in the coal industry! We use only our local labor force and use American made solar panels and inverters.