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Red Rock Fire Station
Red Rock Fire Station
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Both BAI and the USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) were exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the project and the relationship developed between all parties on this project. I would highly recommend Bombard to other owners and generals contractors.”

Richard Cross
Construction Program Manager
Barajas & Associates, Inc



Off Grid / Energy Storage

While recent reductions in net energy metering (NEM) rates may appear to be a hindrance to solar adoption, innovative energy storage technology and energy management systems now available in Nevada will enable residential and small commercial customers to retain their self-generated renewable energy. This will reduce overall dependence on the utility while offering dedicated peak shifting, back-up power and energy efficiency. This strategy provides great value with your solar PV system.

There are times when the power grid is too far from your facility and a generator is becoming too expensive that an off grid solar powered system is the answer. Bombard Renewable Energy has installed solar with battery back-up projects for remote locations on communication facilities, fire stations, homes and other developments. An off-grid solar power system offers a consistent and financially effective alternative to the cost of fuel and transporting it to generators. Call Bombard Renewable Energy today to help with the concept, design and installation of your remote facility.

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Red Rock Fire Station Red Rock Fire Station & Campground
Solar Panels on Gass Peak Las Vegas Metro Police Department at Gass Peak
LVMPD Black Mountain Las Vegas Metro Police - Black Mountain
METRO ROB'S RIDGE 037 Las Vegas Metro Police - Rob's Ridge
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