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Heritage Park Facilities
Heritage Park Facilities
Solar PV Project

Henderson, Nevada

“Bombard knows what they are doing & makes the installation phase look easy.  They are the PV experts in Southern Nevada.”

Mark Hobaica
City of Henderson


About Us


Bombard Renewable Energy hires employees because they have the capabilities and the motivation to achieve the results needed for their job.  Each job is important and part of a coordinated team effort to accomplish the project objectives.

Bombard RE is committed to an inclusive environment that recognizes, respects, and engages the differences and embraces the strengths in its employees, customers, suppliers and communities to accomplish the vision, mission and values of the corporation.

Bombard RE incorporates safety standards that exceed industry requirements.  Our exemplary safety record includes over 200 Megawatts of solar, on over 1000 projects.

Ken Kefalas

Ken Kefalas is the president and chairman of the board for Bombard Electric, LLC, overseeing strategic planning, contract negotiation, all labor functions, overall administration, direction, financial controls, corporate matters and securing new contracts. Kefalas is also responsible for all field operations, billing, labor fulfillment, contract issues, labor issuers and material purchasing oversight. He has been active in the electrical industry since 1975.

Bill Connors

Bill Connors is vice president of renewable resources at MDU Construction Services Group, Inc., and has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry. As vice president, his responsibilities include origination, negotiation and/or management of: (1) over 1,500 megawatts of mid- to long-term gas, coal, solar and wind power purchase agreements with annual EBITDA totaling $150 million; (2) fuel supply and transportation contracts; (3) power plant operating and maintenance agreements; (4) renewable energy tax equity investments; and (5) renewable energy credit sales agreements. Connors helped lead the sale of the company’s domestic independent power business unit in 2007. He became vice president, heading up the business development for Cascade Natural Gas Corp., following MDU’s acquisition of that company in 2007.

Connors holds a law degree from the University of Washington, School of Law in Seattle, Washington, and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Carroll College in Helena, Montana. Bill is leading the development of the corporate-wide renewable resources investment strategy, focusing on investment opportunities that are complementary to the company’s existing business units and on strategic responses to legislation and regulations related to carbon emissions and renewable energy.

Bo Balzar

Contributing to a more sustainable future for the community is what Bo Balzar loves about his job at Bombard Renewable Energy. Since joining Bombard in 2007, Balzar has developed and managed over 150 megawatts of photovoltaic projects. Bo Balzar, Division Manager - Solar, holds a bachelor’s degree in university studies with minors in management and management systems from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Balzar also holds a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certificate and Diploma from MTI College of Business and Technology.

He is currently responsible for business development, commercial solar PV systems development, design and management, and has completed several feasibility studies for multi-megawatt solar PV systems in Nevada. One of his proudest accomplishments is being one of the first in the nation to become a NABCEP Certified PV Sales Professional. Before coming to Bombard, Balzar worked as project manager for Quality Control Systems, managing Nevada Power Co.  ACLM Pilot Program and overseeing the installation of load management switches for 20,000 NPC customers and controllable thermostats for 2,000 NPC customers, and providing operating and maintenance and M&V for these devices.

Alan Brooks

As the head of design and estimating at Bombard Renewable Energy, Alan Brooks has worked on every solar project the company has completed. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, he is involved with designing systems and researching and purchasing the components needed for each project. Brooks started in the area of the electrical trade nearly 35 years ago. He joined Bombard in 2005, assisting with the remodel of the Mirage Love Theater as a wireman. While at Bally’s facilities where he was a former customer of Bombard, Brooks was impressed with the professionalism portrayed by every single member of the Bombard group.

With the tremendous advances in technology and solar integration into building design, Brooks says he looks forward to one day where solar systems will be the norm on new buildings.

He holds a State of Nevada Master Electrician license, NABCEP certified PV installer certificate, UL Certified PV installer certificate, State of Nevada OSHA PV installer certificate, OSHA 30 safety certification and ASOPE Level 3 stationary engineer certificate. He’s also a longtime associate member of International Association of Electrical Inspectors, which allows him to stay current on all electrical codes and changes through continual training. Brooks also has had the privilege of mentoring younger engineers to assist in design and fully understand not only the principles of renewable energy but how to turn it into real projects.

Suzanne Rosenberger

As the office manager at Bombard Renewable Energy, Suzanne Rosenberger plays an integral part of the daily functions of the office. Her tasks include handling billing and managing payroll as well as processing NV Energy documents for clients’ net metering. Rosenberger says it’s a pleasure to work with colleagues that care about the company. Bombard gives her the opportunities to learn and excel in her area of expertise. She believes Bombard Renewable Energy represents their product and services to current and potential clients with dedication and loyalty. In her spare time, you can find her either shopping or gardening.

Mike Davis

Mike Davis is Bombard’s superintendent, coordinating and managing PV and electrical installations. Davis coordinates manpower and manages construction milestones. Bombard has relied on him to make sure projects are completed on time and under budget for 23 years. His 26 years of total electrical experience include dozens of Las Vegas area casino resorts and large commercial projects, as well as Bombard’s largest and most important solar PV projects.

H. Michael Andrieu

H. Michael Andrieu wears a number of hats at Bombard Renewable Energy. He is the general foreman and data communication specialist for the residential department, as well as commissioning officer and service technician. He’s also responsible for promotions and marketing and he serves as a trainer for facility personnel. What the Las Vegas, Nevada, native loves most about his job is that he’s helping to save the planet one PV module at a time!

Andrieu is NABCEP certified as an installer and technical sales and a PV instructor at the JATC of Southern Nevada, which is the training center for IBEW Local 357. His role in the industry is to promote safe and effective installation of PV systems and educate the public about the effectiveness of solar energy. Andrieu believes that developing our renewable energy sources now, ahead of the curve, is a no-brainer. Renewable energy equals energy independence on a personal level as well as on a national level. He has spoken at countless events over the past decade at schools, training centers and community events to educate others and promote solar energy. Andrieu is a member of Solar NV, the southern Nevada chapter of the American Energy Society, and has volunteered at many of the solar home tours. Andrieu is an electrician by trade and a musician at heart. If only he could fit a ladder and tools on a bike, he would love to bicycle everywhere!

Vu Tran

Vu Tran was born in San Diego, California, and moved to Las Vegas at the age of 2. He attended University of Nevada Las Vegas where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in solar and renewable energy. In the fall of 2011, Tran and his team of four designed, built and tested an experiential four suns concentrating PV system. The project is designed to increase the output power of the cells in an array by concentrating the irradiance of four suns onto each solar cell. His team won second place in the Mechanical Engineering Department for the UNLV Senior Design Competition. In 2012, Tran participated in the Solar Decathlon 2013 with the UNLV team, Team Las Vegas. Solar Decathlon is a U.S. Department of Energy competition that challenges collegiate team to design, build, and operate solar-power houses that are cost effective, energy-efficient and attractive. Tran was a lead solar photovoltaic designer for the team house. His team (the only U.S. team to place) won second place overall in the competition.

Tran is a design engineer for Bombard Renewable Energy. He started off as a mechanical engineer intern for Bombard Renewable in September 2010 and became a full-time design engineer in May 2012. His role as a design engineer ranges from developing preliminary drawings, energy analysis and budget estimating to developing sales tools. He believes in green energy and loves the engineering innovations behind it. He is an engineer, traveler, foodie and an environmentalist who loves fitness. He loves electronic dance music and country music.

Duncan J. K. Stark

At Bombard Renewable Energy, Duncan Stark, Senior Project Manager, performs all related Quality Control/Quality Assurance procedures and applications with both products and installation. His qualifications include engineer and design of Energy Management Programs, Renewable Energy Programs, develop and/or review Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). He also assists with Interconnect Studies and Feasibility Studies for Renewable Energy Projects and supervises and monitors service and construction projects and subcontractors. Duncan past experience has been a field superintendent responsible for the staffing, engineering, installation and implementation of computer based Energy Management, H.V.A.C. and Life Safety Systems. This includes monitoring and analyzing the resulting data of each project for efficiency and proper utilization of personnel and sub-contractors.

Glen Quick

Senior Project Manager, Glen Quick, has been active in the electrical construction industry since 1966. Glen has the responsibility of estimating, planning, administering, and the coordination responsibility of the design/build projects for our solar division. He is an I.B.E.W. Electrician  and other designations include Mechanical/Electrical Design Apprenticeship, ROTZ  Engineering Indianapolis, IN, Purdue University—Electrical Engineering & Technology (E.E.T.)

Nicole Carpenter

Nicole Carpenter is a project coordinator for Bombard Renewable Energy. She joined Bombard in 1999 and worked her way up within the company while attending high school and college. Carpenter believes Bombard represents opportunity, community and loyalty. The Las Vegas, Nevada, native says working in renewable energy presents daily challenges. The field evolves rapidly and the projects move quickly. Carpenter believes that by installing solar, we are helping businesses and homeowners access affordable, clean renewable energy and also providing education. If she was not working at Bombard, she would be backpacking around the world, helping charities and practicing photography. She is also a fitness and health coach who encourages others to improve their wellness from the inside out, which she practices daily. Carpenter also raises awareness for one of her favorite charities, the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Jared Peterson

Jared Peterson has been assisting in the design of solar energy systems at Bombard Renewable Energy since December 2013. A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, his favorite part of his position as Design Engineer is designing and also crunching numbers! Peterson obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in solar and renewable energy. He’s a Certified Engineer Intern by the State of Nevada Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, and is currently pursuing a professional engineering license. Peterson believes that renewable energy is a very logical avenue for meeting today’s ever-increasing electricity demands while minimizing adverse effects on our environment. Bombard represents quality designs and it was the company’s craftsmanship that led Peterson’s desire to be part of the team. When he’s not working on renewable energy, Peterson loves riding at the sand dunes, trail riding in his RZR, camping, hiking, working out, fabricating and welding — almost anything hands on and mechanical!

Donna Young

Donna Young is the director of safety for Bombard. Donna has 22 years of experience in Nevada as an electrician and field safety representative. As a former teacher for the electrical JATC, she was able to help educate students from her experience as a journeyman. After becoming a field safety representative for Bombard, her responsibilities increased to ensure employee safety. Donna focuses on promoting safety awareness, code compliance and proper equipment usage.

UNLV Interns

Jaime Robledo has resided in the Las Vegas area since 2007. He graduated from East Career and Technical Academy with a certification in construction management, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Solar and Renewable Energy. Robledo has been a member of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) since 2013 and participated in the SAE Baja competition for two years in a row. He now is part of the UNLV Solar Decathlon team for the 2017 competition. When he is not at work, school, or doing homework you can find him polishing his boxing skills, hiking, cycling, or working on his car.

Alan Bruno was born in Acapulco, Mexico and is a current resident of Las Vegas. He works as an engineering intern for Bombard and participates in helping Vu and Jared with estimating and designing.   He is currently attending University of Nevada Las Vegas pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Solar and Renewable Energy. In the fall of 2015, he was requested to be part of UNLV’s Solar Decathlon Team for the 2017 worldwide competition in Denver, Colorado. During his free time, he is involved in a soccer team, training martial arts, drone building, and hiking.