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"I bought this system to power my electric car. I rate their installation a "10." They were very friendly and patient and answered all my questions. The IBEW brothers and sisters were very professional and very friendly."

Summerfield Residence

Installed: 2015

System Size: 4.48 kW


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NV Energy files to grandfather in some rooftop solar customers

NV Energy filed with state utility regulators to grandfather eligible private net metering customers...  btn_morenews

Bombard Renewable Energy

Nevada's Solar Leader

Commercial - Residential - Utility - Nonprofit - Off-grid

Reduce your energy bill and empower your home or business

Bombard Renewable Energy has installed more than 300 megawatts of solar energy in Nevada. We build systems that utilize solar photovoltaic (PV), wind energy and concentrated PV, known as CSPV.

We offer turnkey services from conception to maintenance. We excel at planning, proposals, cost analysis, design, procurement and installation. Our team is experienced with projects of all sizes.

                       • Commercial                         • Residential  
• Utility                                  • Government  
• Nonprofit                             • Energy Storage

Installation options include: custom parking structures, ballasted roof mounts, mechanically attached roof mounts, single axis tracking, fixed ground mounts, pole mounted fixed/tracking, electric vehicle charging stations, grid and off-grid installation and solar tree or custom mounts.

We provide solutions to meet our customers’ electrical power demands. Our designers and installers are experienced in meeting all sorts of challenges.

Powerful solutions that provide a return on investment

Solar power can eliminate or drastically reduce your power bill while adding substantial value to your home or business. The price of solar panels has dropped dramatically in recent years, and you may qualify for federal incentives* and local rebates, bringing down the price of your solar PV system.

* The federal incentive tax credit has been extended.

Serving - Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Mesquite, Pahrump, Clark County and Nevada